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Turnkey Driver Recruitment

Our turnkey solution is a full-cycle CDL A driver recruitment service

What's That
Allow our dedicated team of driver agents to expertly handle every aspect of the hiring process
More than just Pay-per-Hire: you pay only after a driver is seated in your truck. No exceptions
Why Choose Us
Filling your trucks with qualified drivers can be overwhelming. Our mission is to provide you with peace of mind through continuous operational success and sustainability
Over the past 8 years, we've built strong relationships with truckers based on 3 T's: transparency, trust and truth. We genuinely care that potential employers treat our drivers right. To maintain these high standards, we represent companies that leave up to their reputation.
Our commitment to integrity, respect and honesty shines throughout the entire hiring process
We keep expectations clear and promise drivers nothing beyond what you offer.
Our recruiters meticulously prescreen each driver applicant and work closely with your team, step by step, to ensure the perfect match.
We're not just filling seats; we're providing the best experience possible.
How It Works
We offer two partnership models:
Model 1
Sourcing, qualifying, interviewing and prescreening
drivers based on your requirements and job description.
Then presenting you with short-listed drivers
along with their full DOT-compliant applications.
Our rates are customizable on the level of service needed
Model 2
Running all background checks
(MVRs, VOEs, etc) to ensure the drivers meet your hiring requirements.
Then presenting you with drivers for orientation
Includes Model 1
Your Values and Benefits
Capture Zero-Risk Hires
Avoid gambling on multi-carrier driver candidates.
Pay Only After Orientation
You won't pay a dime until the driver has completed orientation and is seated in that empty truck.
Tailored Recruitment
We recruit all types of drivers according to your hiring locations and requirements, ensuring you hire the best talent for your vacancies.
Rapid Scaling
Scale your recruiting team overnight while maintaining honesty and integrity.
Our Dedicated Team Recruits Drivers for Industry Leaders
This Service Is a Good Fit If:

You struggle to hire qualified drivers.

You're looking for drivers who are genuinely eager to work for YOUR company.

Your recruiting department hasn't been established yet. Your employees have to juggle hiring responsibilities with their existing job roles.

The number of dormant trucks in your yard is growing. You want to optimize Time-to-Hire and get your fleet on the road faster.

Your business is in transition, and you need a reliable recruitment support.

You urgently need to recruit drivers due to some emergency.

You'd rather not spend time on qualifying, screening, and interviewing candidates who may not meet your standards.

You value professionalism, communication, transparency and trust in your recruitment process.
We're Not a Good Fit If:
You are unable to fulfill pre-employment commitments to drivers.
Get Started with Zero-Risk Hires: Pay After Seating Your Driver.
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