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Marketing Services
For Logistics Companies

Full-cycle marketing services for logistics companies that value transparency, integrity and accountability.

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Leadgamp offers state-of-the-art 360 degree marketing services for logistics companies, perfectly balancing efficiency and effectiveness.
Our mission is to establish clients as frontrunners in the competitive landscape by implementing unconventional marketing ideas that elevate their businesses. We set clear expectations, which enables us to overdeliver on the commitments we take and empowers clients with a strong foundation for strategic planning and decision-making.
To emphasize, Leadgamp provides digital marketing services for supply chain and logistics players only. Over the years, we've had the privilege of generating measurable value for industry leaders and growing businesses alike. Our distinct expertise comes in handy either for launching projects from the ground up or bringing thriving businesses to a higher level.
Marketing Services
For Logistics Companies
We offer comprehensive B2B and B2C marketing solutions, customizing our approach to meet the unique demands of businesses in transportation, dispatching, brokerage, or freight factoring.
These tailored solutions contribute to a powerful digital impact, cultivating a reputation and brand image that are critical for attracting key stakeholders, from talent to investors.
We delved into these bottlenecks and roadblocks with dedication, which, over 5 years, transformed Leadgamp into a viable logistics software development company.
In more detail, as a trucking company, it's essential to ensure rewarding experiences for both new clients and truck drivers. Brokerage and dispatching services must aim to build an appealing and engaging online presence for shippers and carriers alike.
For a freight factoring business to prosper, it must clearly communicate its unique value proposition to clients in a competitive landscape.
Logistics Marketing
Logistics marketing at Leadgamp encompasses a wide range of components like brand development, content creation and marketing management.
We secure your success on each stage, from crafting a custom marketing strategy and unique value proposition to building a corporate website, brand awareness and win-win customer relations.
No matter what your previous experience with a digital agency was, we are dedicated to providing you with unparalleled service, consultancy, and support. We turn the tide in favor of business opportunities and high overall performance that accelerate your growth and impact.
If you're seeking a digital marketing agency for your logistics company, look no further. Submit the form below and let us help you overcome your challenges and struggles.

Logistics Marketing Services

Our logistics marketing services extend far beyond superior lead, opportunity and demand generation.
By gracefully aligning tailored outreach campaigns, social media management (SMM), website administration, paid advertising and Search Engine Optimization (link) we put you on the right track to sustainable and seamless growth. Significantly, enhanced brand awareness and loyal online community come naturally as a bonus for properly mixing marketing ingredients and consistently engaging with your audience.
Advertising for Trucking Companies
Advertising as an integral part of trucking marketing services conforms to the marketing plan and specific business goals.
Years of advertising for trucking companies have taught us to thoroughly allocate funds across the best-performing channels and benchmark milestone results to ensure consistent budget optimization. Such an approach results in a minimal Cost per Lead without compromising on the candidate quality. Among other advantages our clients benefit from automation tools designed to efficiently process, engage and convert applicants (link to Candidate GhostGuard tools).
Leadgamp excels at leveraging the following channels to achieve measurable objectives:
Acquisition Channels
Meta (Facebook, Instagram), paid and organic traffic
TikTok, paid and organic traffic
LinkedIn, paid and organic traffic
Job Boards (Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, Glassdoor, etc.)
Job Store by Tenstreet
Google, paid and organic traffic
YouTube, paid and organic traffic
Automated Outbound Outreach via calls, text and email messages

Case Studies

Given that the case studies below may contain some sensitive information, we opted out of providing some company names.
Client's Goals
Attract qualified Hazmat drivers and cover the normal driver turnover.
This approach secured the client a robust driver pipeline, enabling them to cover their hiring needs.
The client was looking to get their whole fleet on the road.
The recruiters were stretching themselves too thin with a high share of unqualified applicants (no Hazmat endorsement) and manual lead processing.
Our Solution
1. Set up and managed paid advertising on Facebook from the ground up.
2. Facilitated lead processing through our automation tools and
a seamless Facebook-Tenstreet integration.

3. Two months of A/B testing ads' visuals, texts, and lead forms resulted in increasing the share of Hazmat leads from 50 to 90%.
4. Pinpointed 'sweet spots' with the lowest Cost per Lead and focused our efforts on these areas.
5. Didn't display ads to irrelevant audiences (previously disqualified, black-listed and terminated drivers).
The chart displays the number of Hazmat vs no-Hazmat leads generated in November - December 2022
Ad creatives we used to attract Hazmat drivers
Client's Goals
Help with recruiting company teams and owner operators.
The client was looking to expand business by hiring owner operators and teams.
1. Launched and continuously tested ad campaigns on Facebook and Job Store by Tenstreet in the course of 5 months.
2. Promoted a positive company image, driver compensation, and benefits to attract company teams and owner operators.
3. Analyzed and benchmarked the results on an ongoing basis to ensure cost efficiency and budget optimization.
Ad creatives used to attract team drivers and owner operators
Teams and owner operator lead acquisition statistics 2023
Our strategic moves helped the client hire
23 team drivers and 21 owner operators in 2023.
Client's Goals
Increase the driver candidate pool and enhance hiring capacity.
The customer needed to secure 50+ driver hires/month to ensure the business expansion. They reached a plateau in their acquisition channels, where increasing ad spend wouldn't generate more leads.
Our Solution
1. Implemented automated job postings across multiple job boards including Indeed, ZipRecruiter, Monster, Glassdoor, and others.
2. Facebook page's strategic content cultivated an engaged audience of 70,000 followers, hitting 1.5 million views per month.
3. Weekly newsletter with a digest of the latest industry news engages over 5,000 subscribers who anticipate new content.
4. Launched TikTok ads featuring driver video testimonials.
5. Developed an appealing TikTok brand presence with millions of views and gained 30K+ followers within a year.
6. Launched a website blog and YouTube channel to attract organic driver traffic with resonating content and valuable trucking insights.
7. Leveraged Zip Assistant to reactivate and re-engage candidates from the client's database.
The outlined marketing services for the trucking company helped uniquely position the client in the logistics industry, allowing for 50+ successful hires/month.
2023-2024 Hires statistics
2024 Q1-Q2 Social Media Performance statistics
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