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Logistics Software Development

Transportation and logistics software development is aimed at digitalizing the supply chain industry with top-notch products and solutions.

ultimate goal
The complete transparency and interconnectedness of the whole network of suppliers, manufacturers, warehouses, logistics providers, and distributors.
And custom software acts as the linchpin that holds these varied elements together, ensuring a smooth, efficient, and transparent workflow. The intrinsic need for tailored solutions within the industry is determined by a variety of players that face unique challenges reflecting their specific operations and processes.
That's why one-size-fits-all software often falls short of meeting their distinctive business features. And the growing demand for custom software engineering becomes not just a whimsical coincidence but a manifested necessity.
Logistics Software Development Company
Unlike most logistics software development agencies, Leadgamp laser-focuses on catering solely to the needs of transportation and supply chain players.
Our journey started out with building marketing and driver recruitment automation tools for mid- and large-size carriers. Thriving on our services, clients eventually approached us with challenges that couldn't be solved with off-the-shelf products and applications.

We delved into these bottlenecks and roadblocks with dedication, which, over 5 years, transformed Leadgamp into a viable logistics software development company.
With unique industry expertise and modern technology acumen, we deliver top-quality products and tools that facilitate your digital transformation.
As soon as you dare to take the first step, we become your guiding light, securing a smooth and successful transition.
our Technologies
Custom software development is not just about the technologies stack; it's about creating solutions that are the backbone of the supply chain industry.
When selecting a partner, consider short-listing companies that build not only robust, flawless systems that meet your current needs but also deliver scalable and flexible solutions to embrace future challenges and opportunities.
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From Logistics Software Consulting To a Fully Functional Digital Product
We offer comprehensive logistics software consulting, product design, implementation, integration, and maintenance services. In simpler terms, we transform your 'wants' and 'needs' swiftly into an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).
Our approach goes beyond coding; we delve into understanding your business context and vision to develop solutions that align perfectly with your distinct operations and processes.
We work towards building a fully functional digital solution based on user feedback and data. This way, we ensure that software delivers measurable value to your business in the shortest term, and you can scale the system as you grow.
Case Studies
As a transportation software development company, we're proud of having a proprietary suite designed to tackle applicant ghosting, foster candidate relationships, and enhance recruiter productivity. Fully automated, it integrates effortlessly with your ATS, allowing recruiters to engage with potential drivers within a familiar environment.
In the competitive landscape of recruiting, getting through to drivers remains a significant challenge that consumes a substantial portion of recruiters' time. While multiple carriers are chasing experienced truck drivers, you should have an edge in contacting and successfully connecting with your applicants. For this very reason developed our Candidate GhostGuard Suite. Our tools adhere to American regulations, ensuring optimal deliverability rates. Our clients' statistics indicate a remarkable 90% success rate in reaching drivers' phone and email inboxes. While these solutions can function independently or in tandem, utilizing the entire toolkit is advised for optimal outcomes.
Instant Follow-ups:
Essential Toolkit
Upon receiving short forms, instantly sends customizable text and email confirmations to candidates, prompting them to contact a recruiter directly or complete a Full App.
Drip Campaigns:
As soon as an applicant submits a short form, the tool dials their number and gets an available recruiter connected to the applicant on the phone. It also displays the applicant's info to the recruiter to navigate a meaningful dialogue.
Strengthens and cultivates candidate relationships. This tool re-engages drivers who've gone quiet after submitting short forms by sending customizable text and email sequences. It offers additional touchpoints, enhancing engagement and communication.
Engage with warm candidates promptly, increasing the likelihood of a successful hire.
Reduce candidate ghosting and boost the number of Full DOT-compliant Apps.
Advanced Toolkit
Zip Assistant:
Reactivates drivers, keeping your database up-to-date.

After matching job offers with your hiring zones on the map, this tool scans your dedicated lead database. It prompts drivers with texts about new opportunities, encouraging them to respond with their zip codes. If drivers reply back, and there is a vacancy in their vicinity, they're immediately sent a job offer.
Voice Drip:
Generates inbound calls, texts and Full Apps.

Operating similarly to the Zip Assistant, this tool auto-dials entries in your dedicated lead database. It provides drivers with two choices: either converse directly with a recruiter or key in their zip code to receive matching job offers. Those who don't pick up are automatically sent a reminder text and email.
Increase inbound communication from interested drivers, enhance engagement, and contribute to overall hires.
Our transportation software development company is well-equipped to implement 100% customizable and configurable real-time dashboards to give you actionable insights into your operations.
Retention reporting was developed for one of our clients to mitigate the risks of driver turnover. Among other recruitment metrics it provides actionable insights into:

Navigate turnover effectively and maximize your ROI. Allocate resources wisely based on areas and channels with the highest driver retention.
Top-talent driver sources
Regions with long-term driver retention
Detailed retention data
Driver hires vs terminations
Reasons for non-hires
Performance metrics for recruiters, safety managers, and dispatchers.
Maps With Real-time Info on Vacancies and Job Offers.

A client faced challenges managing numerous open driver positions across the US. Their reliance on spreadsheets, manual updates, and limited filtering options led them to seek a custom solution.
Our dedicated team of transportation software developers implemented an interactive dynamic map with real-time updates, allowing the recruitment department to collaborate and access up-to-date information on job offers and vacancies by entering a zip code.

An add-on option facilitates driver workforce planning by analyzing your hiring demand history. Consequently, it highlights potentially high-demand and low-demand areas on the map.

Optimize the hiring process, enhance recruiter efficiency, and save precious time.
Various online sources indicate that the average cost of replacing a single truck driver is over $9,000, which makes driver retention a hot topic for transportation software development.
A client needed a go-to tool to predict driver turnover and make proactive adjustments to their hiring operations. Leadgamp came up with an idea of an elaborated driver scoring algorithm and developed a system based on driver feedback that collected from multiple channels.

This tailored solution provides insights into the reasons why drivers quit, identifies potentially "red flag" drivers, and estimates replacement costs.

Collect anonymous driver feedback, mitigate and proactively tackle the risks of turnover, improve driver loyalty.
Our clients
Transportation software development helps your business decrease costs, eliminate redundancies, and get ahead of the curve in the ever-changing supply chain industry. Here's just a few examples of what you can achieve with bespoke products and apps: real-time tracking, asset optimization, advanced data analytics and reporting, and compliance with industry standards and regulations.
Benefits of Custom Software Solutions
Scalability and Tailored Fit
Seamless Integrations
Full Product Ownership
User-centric Design
Competitive Edge
Optimized Operations and Processes
Improved Asset and Fleet Management
Descriptive and Predictive Analytics
Enhanced Security and Dedicated Support
With a full range of custom logistics software development services, we're delighted to bring to the table our synergy of people, technologies, processes, and years-long experience. Clients trust Leadgamp for a variety of reasons, including:
Why Choose Leadgamp?
Unique expertise from building solutions for industry leaders.

Mature team of senior software developers.

Quick ROI due to agile processes and prioritization of essential features.

Superior software quality stemming from our team's tech skills and industry expertise.

Streamlined development process based on proven frameworks and ready-made components.

Cost-effective software implementation.
Advanced data visualization options.
Transportation Software Development
Leadgamp provides end-to-end custom logistics software development services that not only meet but elevate your specific operational objectives.
By setting clear expectations from the outset, we help logistics and supply chain companies achieve ambitious goals. We follow proven processes and streamlined workflows to ensure smooth project execution and prompt debugging after product release.
With a vast expertise in engineering solutions for driver recruitment, retention, turnover, and business intelligence, we're open to projects of any complexity.
Our logistics software development company has got you covered with all kinds of transportation and supply chain projects. From warehouse and fleet management solutions to transportation management systems and web apps, our team of senior developers from Eastern Europe is at your fingertips to propel your business to the next level.

The cherry on the cake includes affordable rates, superior software quality, minimal ramp-up time, and comprehensive technical documentation that protects against knowledge silos and the notorious 'bus factor'.
Got an idea or project brewing? Please fill in the form, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.