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Why Facebook Ads is still our #1 weapon for finding truck drivers

As a marketing agency that has spent over $20 million dollars on Facebook Ads for trucking companies in recent years, we know firsthand how effective this platform can be for hiring truck drivers. In this article, we will outline why we believe Facebook Ads is the best way for trucking companies to find qualified candidates.

First and foremost, one of the main benefits of using Facebook Ads to hire truck drivers is the cost-effectiveness. With the right targeting and ad copy, it is possible to get cost per lead down to as low as $4-6. This is significantly lower than many other forms of advertising, making it an affordable option for trucking companies of all sizes.

Another advantage of using Facebook Ads is the quality of the candidates. By targeting ads to specific locations and interests, trucking companies can reach a pool of highly qualified and interested candidates. This is often better than using job boards, where it can be difficult to differentiate between qualified and unqualified candidates.

In addition to targeting by location and interests, Facebook Ads also offers the ability to exclude custom audiences. This can be particularly useful for trucking companies looking to hire experienced drivers. By excluding drivers with violations or those who are not experienced enough, trucking companies can ensure that they are only reaching qualified candidates.

Overall, our experience with Facebook Ads has shown us that it is an excellent way for trucking companies to find high-quality candidates at a low cost. With the ability to target specific locations and interests, as well as exclude custom audiences, trucking companies can effectively and efficiently reach the right pool of candidates. If you are a trucking company looking to hire drivers, we highly recommend considering Facebook Ads as a key component of your hiring strategy.