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DriverReach vs Tenstreet

This article is an attempt to conduct a detailed comparative analysis of DriverReach vs Tenstreet. Providing a comprehensive review is challenging due to each provider's unique functionality and features, with the choice largely depending on specific recruiting processes, hiring needs, company size, and other critical factors.
Disclaimer: Below you’ll find the gist of:

  • our clients’ feedback on using Tenstreet and/or DriverReach;
  • insights into online reviews of both platforms;
  • our agency’s user experience in terms of API connection, system integration and custom report building.

What is Tenstreet and DriverReach?

Tenstreet and DriverReach are the best-known applicant tracking systems (ATS) in the transportation industry. In our case, ATS is a software platform designed to streamline the recruiting, onboarding, and management processes with a primary focus on CDL (Commercial Driver's License) drivers.
To get a clearer answer to the question “What is Tenstreet and DriverReach?” you may want to think of an instance of a dedicated CRM (customer relationship management) system exclusively for trucking companies.

DriverReach vs Tenstreet In More Detail

Let’s compare DriverReach vs Tenstreet to get a better understanding of their features, value proposition and all other pertinent aspects related to hiring tractor trailer drivers.
It’s worth mentioning that Tenstreet has been on the market for quite a while. It’s a well-known brand among drivers. DriverReach is much younger, though it’s also quite reputable.


We aren’t going to go into the nitty-gritty of each feature and tool provided by both vendors. Our goal is to give potential users the big picture of their services and benefits to make the right choice.
The main difference is that Tenstreet is a complete driver lifecycle enterprise-level solution. It integrates multiple systems, from recruiting through safety and compliance to retention. Hands down, it has a lot more features compared to DriverReach, which is a great fit for small and medium fleets in the first place.
Both platforms offer a mobile-friendly digital DOT-compliant application that supports digital signatures. You can qualify, onboard drivers, perform background checks and generate reports in both systems. There’re document management tools, driver training resources, marketing, advertising and texting tools that streamline generation and engagement with semi truck applicants.
Our recommendation is to take advantage of a demo that is required both by Tenstreet and DriverReach before they set you up in their systems and decide for yourself which one is able to meet your business needs. And make sure you request recent data on the deliverability rate of texts and emails, if you intend to use their drip campaigns.

Learning Curve and Usability

Both vendors provide training materials and tutorial videos to teach you how to use their platforms. However, Tenstreet is more complicated in terms of user interface (UI) and it may get hard to navigate.
Multiple online reviews suggest that Tenstreet's UI could be more intuitive and user-friendly, whereas DriverReach is praised for its straightforward, easily navigable system.

Application Programming Interface (API) Access

Both companies grant API access, but Tenstreet doesn’t provide detailed and exhaustive technical documentation opposed to DriverReach. Based on our experience, Tenstreet integration with other systems and electronic data interchange setup may take a lot of back and forth to implement and maintain.
DriverReach has an edge in this regard.

Customer Service

Each DriverReach customer is assigned a dedicated Client Success Manager for ongoing support​. And per multiple online reviews they render great support service.
Tenstreet customers access Customer Service via dedicated emails, and, as a rule, the Support Team replies back quite quickly. However, different reps may share different solutions on the same issue, which might get somewhat confusing. And receiving a live support session may take some time to schedule.
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Pros and Cons

We’ll keep it simple here and describe the main pros and cons of the systems under review.
Tenstreet has the richest database, they have access to millions of drivers and companies. After drivers fill out one general app within Tenstreet, the completion of Full DOT-compliant apps takes several seconds thanks to IntelliApp feature that pre-populates fields with data. It’s possible to integrate IntelliApp into various acquisition channels, and if your applicants are in Tenstreet database, you get Full DOT-compliant apps at one stroke.
Drivers like Driver Pulse by Tenstreet, a mobile application that allows them to manage their job searches, apps, and communications with potential employers.

DriverReach also offers a mobile application for drivers, but it’s not so popular and doesn’t secure a similar IntelliApp experience.
You can start generating commercial driver applicants with Tenstreet’s Job Store right out the gate. There’s no need to search and test acquisition channels as you get access to multiple job boards (including Indeed) through one point of entry. Keep in mind that not all vendors in Job Store can be a god fit for your company. Pulse Match and Indeed SMT have been performing well for our clients while all the rest are to be considered at your own discretion.
DriverReach lacks a similar feature, but their Attract service is aimed at consulting and helping customers place ads that bring in qualified candidates.
Bear in mind that according to their Privacy Policy on sharing the personal information, both companies may assist applicants in finding new potential employers and work opportunities. We leave it up to you to interpret the meaning and implications behind this clause.
While you can perform Verification of Employment in both systems, advanced VOE services can get pricey. We suggest you check this point with each vendor to be on the safe side.
When it comes to reporting and tracking efforts, it may get hard hard to generate a necessary report in Tenstreet, and you get a kind of a spreadsheet with a scarce visual part. DriverReach, on the contrary, provides more reporting and visualization options.
From the perspective of data migration, importing your driver database into Tenstreet with no data loss can get very tricky. DriverReach users report that implementing this type of migration is easy and flawless.

How Much Does Tenstreet Cost Compared To DriverReach?

On average, pricing depends on the size of your fleet (not employees) and required features. However, Tenstreet rates aren’t readily available on their website, you’ll need to get in touch to learn how much Tenstreet costs for your business. Take into account that adding each new solution costs money. The bright side is that they don’t ask for a setup fee.
DriverReach offers 3 subscription tiers and you pay a $160 setup fee, for more info please visit their website. Our clients found out that it’s possible to negotiate pricing with each vendor, especially if you set up an account at the end of the month. This way you can leverage their sales quotas.
For your convenience we set forth the gist of the article in the table below — enjoy!

Comparative Analysis of Tenstreet vs DriverReach

In conclusion, Tenstreet is a well-established industry giant (apparently, with a vast legacy code) while DriverReach is a young and rapidly evolving technology company. Each vendor has its own drawbacks and benefits. Both are great ATS platforms, and it’s impossible to give the palm to either of them. Yet, if your transportation business is small, you have up to 3 recruiters on staff, your turnover rate is low and you need to secure up to 30 hires/month, DriverReach can be a more affordable and optimal option to consider.
Otherwise, if hiring new drivers presents challenges, you have a large recruiting team with a considerable marketing budget, and you need a complete driver lifecycle solution, we suggest exploring Tenstreet.
Again, that’s your unique business landscape and needs that should help you pick a side. Good luck with making the right choice!