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Easy contact means cheaper hiring. Make your company open for new drivers

It's no secret that because of extremely high turnover trucking companies need a constant flow of drivers just like a human needs fresh air. Otherwise, their growth stops.

Make your company easy to contact and reduce your hiring costs by 50% and more! Just do the following:

- Use one global phone number. If a candidate calls to your company more than once he or she should be automatically connected to the recruiter who talked to him or her last time (if this recruiter is online) 

- Install a callback service and a chat to your website

- Use chatbots. This’s a good chance to get contacts from drivers and automatically transfer it to your database (Tenstreet, Driverreach, etc.)  

- Always reply to comments. Or just set up automated replies which depend on their location, experience, type of freight preferences

- Respond live to applications within first 5 minutes after submission and you will be 3x times more likely to hire a driver than most other companies (find proof why that's important in our previous posts)

Start using these tips before your competitors. Only 5% of trucking companies are so easy to reach out to!

Thanks for reading! If you've got any questions or want to get some feedback, feel free to contact me on LinkedIn.