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5 minutes to respond: contact a driver before your competitor

Per Tenstreet trucking companies that don’t contact their candidates within first 5 minutes after an application submission miss a large part of relevant drivers.

Our own 3+ years experience in programmatic lead generation and hiring drivers has proven that statement as well. The majority of leads go to “NO RESPONSE” status just because it takes recruiters too much time to contact them. 

Why? Our practice shows that truckers are more likely to be responsive to your calls for 10-15 min after he or she applies for a job. They're driving all the time and are not able to answer phone calls. That’s why response time is an essential part of success in recruiting drivers - you have to reach them out while they are not driving.

You may ask, how is it possible to respond within first 5 minutes all the time?

We have developed our own software tools solving this task: the Leadgamp ‘Autocaller’ and transactional messaging service. With the help of these tools, our clients have achieved having the fastest response time in the industry.

In our next posts, we will tell in more detail about our self-developed software and what measurable results it brings to trucking companies.

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