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Why shouldn’t hiring be cheaper? Work with Tenstreet properly

About 80% of trucking companies ignore the treasure that lies right under their noses: their existing Tenstreet contact base. An average US trucking company has a large Tenstreet base with thousands of drivers but it is used only by 50%. 

Why is it a thing to be worrying about? Because they miss potential employees and pay much more per each hired driver. 

Here are the common mistakes: 

1. Lack of customized Tenstreet tags

2. No strict instructions for the usage of tags

3. No individual approach to leads with different statuses 

Here are the consequences:

1. Recruiters don’t contact potential drivers in time

2. Impossible to write relevant messages for drip campaigns 

3. Impossible to launch an effective remarking campaign 

You may ask, what does it mean for your company?

It means that marketing campaigns are not cost-effective, leads are too expensive and hiring costs are much higher than they might have been. 


Our Leadgamp team has prepared a special checklist for you, you may see it below. Download it and make the most of your Tenstreet contact base! 

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