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How to hire drivers 2+ times cheaper? Top 3 tips

Everyone in the US trucking industry knows that the turnover in this business is very high - it often exceeds 100%.

However, some companies (our clients) not only survive in such tough conditions but even make their business grow and purchase new trucks.

These tips are based on our own 3 years' experience of hiring for US trucking companies. So, here they are:

1. The faster you respond, the cheaper you hire.

According to the open data from Tenstreet, trucking companies with response time longer than 5 minutes miss a lot of potential employees and spend extra money on hiring.

2. Improve your reputation in digital.

According to the survey by Google, 76% of candidates check the company’s rating on Glassdoor, Indeed, etc. before applying. Thus, trucking companies with low ratings have to pay more for each hire.

3. Get more free hires from your existing Tenstreet / DriverReach contact base.

Most recruiters do a lot of mistakes while working with the Tenstreet contact base and make you miss potential employees. So, it’s worth optimizing your work with Tenstreet if you want to cut hiring costs.

As you can see, using these practices doesn't require large investments. In some cases, they pay off during 1-2 month. Thanks for reading! Wish you a lot of hirings!