What we do?

Leadgamp is a digital marketing agency and our core specialization is the trucking industry in the US. We help trucking companies in hiring drivers, image making and reputation management.

Generation of leads and full applications by drivers
We're authorized partner of Facebook, Google, Bing, Twitter, LinkedIn, and TikTok. We're generating over 100 leads daily for every our client that makes over 50 hires monthly.
Reputation management
We're effectively fast improve your poor rating in Google Reviews, Indeed, Glassdoor, Facebook. No bots or fake accounts here! As a result your public image has been improving and it allows you to get more drivers and clients.
Social Media Marketing
We're managing your accounts in social media, growing your audience, and engaging people to like your posts. As a result your brand awareness as a carrier is up.
Automated tools
We value your time and do our best to save your recruiters' resources implementing such services as Messenger Chatbot, SMS Chatbot, Phone Calls Chatbot, SMS Drip Marketing, Automated Calling System. As a result your recruiters process only candidates that are really interested in your offer and don't waste their time on never-ending calls.
CRM Systems Consulting (Tenstreet)
We can create a unique list of tags, guideline and rules how to work with Tenstreet software really effectively. One of the most crucial things in hiring is a thorough processing of info in your CRM system. It saves a lot of money and time.
Web sites development and content writing
We develop fast going, good looking and optimized web sites for higher conversion.
Why us?
There're a lot of companies on the market offering lead generation for your business, but Leadgamp really differs.
  • Relevant leads of high quality
    Our aim is not just pump you with leads, but to hire a driver for you. A lot of automated tools, lots of hours on co-working with recruiters and Tenstreet software make it happen.
  • Focus on US trucking industry
    We have years of expertise in digital marketing behind the back but we've been focused on US trucking industry for 3+ years already that made us experts in that field.
  • Our team
    Amazing specialists on site to create superb design and content: traffic manager, web designer, data engineer, marketer, copywriters, motion designer.
  • Reporting
    You'll have an access to all the data online at anytime. Lead flow, cost per lead, how many messages and calls made by your recruiters and many more.
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